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Building America's Product Export Capabilities 


EPCO Ethane Export - 2016 August 19 Etha

As oil & gas production and petrochemical manufacturing continues to grow dramatically in the US, many of our clients are looking to export their products to international markets. 

S&B is the leading American contractor when it comes to the execution of turnkey engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of export terminals for ethane, propane and other natural gas liquids, we well as various refined products and petrochemicals.

Drawing on our extensive in-house technical expertise, we are able to support our clients during the earliest conceptual phases of the project. Our process study experience for terminals includes evaluating crucial factors such as: 

  • Export methods (i.e., from onsite storage or direct from pipeline)

  • Pipeline transmix

  • Liquefaction technology (i.e., electric vs. gas turbine compression, cold boxes, and cascade vs. mixed refrigeration processes)

Following our Managing with Certainty® execution philosophy for EPC, we have successfully delivered multiple export terminal projects throughout the USA on or ahead of schedule for competitive price, all while maintaining our industry-leading safety record. 

Our expertise includes all major areas of an export terminal, such as: 

  • Product receiving 

  • Pre-processing (if required)

  • Liquefaction

  • Product loading (including barge, rail or truck)

  • Docks and jetties

  • Product storage (including cryogenic, refrigerated and atmospheric tanks, as well as bullets and spheres)

  • Associated utilities and offsites

Our experience includes new, greenfield installations as well as the modification, expansion or conversion of existing terminal facilities.

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Experience with Related Facilities

Our experience also includes other midstream assets closely related to export terminals, such as:

  • NGL fractionation

  • Gas processing units

  • Condensate splitters

  • Condensate stabilizers

  • Storage solutions for gas and liquids

  • Pipelines

  • Field facilities (including pump stations, compressor stations, metering skids and dew point control, among other related assets)

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