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Moving America's Energy


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Since 2005, S&B’s Pipeline Engineering group has been providing engineering, procurement and construction management services for pipelines and related field facilities throughout North America. We are proud to be building the infrastructure that safely transports America’s energy resources and delivers valuable feedstocks to refineries and petrochemical plants.  

Our pipeline experience includes large-scale, cross-country pipelines (both interstate and intrastate), as well as in-plant transfer lines of only a few thousand feet. We have provided services for pipelines which transfer a wide variety of products, including: 

  • Crude oil 

  • Natural gas 

  • Natural gas liquids (NGLs) 

  • Refined products 

  • Petrochemicals


In addition, our experience also includes field facilities often associated with pipelines, including:

  • Pump stations

  • Compressor stations

  • Metering stations

  • Dehydration

  • Separation

  • Product storage


We are often involved from the beginning of a project, including front-end studies and engineering, environment and safety reviews, permitting assistance, mapping / GIS and 3D modeling for piping systems. 

Our services continue through engineering, procurement and construction or construction management, following S&B’s proven Managing with Certainty® project execution philosophy. We also offer in-house modular assembly and pipe fabrication services for field facilities associated with pipelines.

Experience with Related Facilities

Our experience also includes other midstream assets closely related to pipelines and field facilities, including: 

  • NGL fractionation

  • Gas processing plants

  • Condensate splitters

  • Condensate stabilizers

  • Import / export terminals (including ethane, propane, LPG, condensate, crude and other products)

  • Storage solutions for gas and liquids

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