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Building America's Manufacturing Strength


PL - Reactor Structure East Side Looking

One of our first major projects was a finishing line for a polyethylene plant expansion in Baton Rouge, completed in 1969. In the five decades since then, S&B has designed and constructed countless petrochemical & polymers projects throughout the USA, with a focus on the Gulf Coast.


The shale revolution continues to provide cost-advantaged feedstock, driving significant investment in new petrochemical & polymers facilities in the USA. S&B is proud to be designing and constructing the process plants that are strengthening America's manufacturing capabilities. 

Our services have ranged from early involvement in opportunity assessment studies through to full engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) for new, greenfield facilities, as well as for the modification of existing assets. 

While our experience includes a wide range of petrochemical products, we have particular expertise in the following areas:

  • Olefins and derivatives

  • Aromatics

  • Polymers

  • Specialty chemicals and catalysts

  • Organic intermediates

We also have strong, recent experience with projects focused on converting natural gas liquids (NGLs) into high-value petrochemical feedstocks. This includes ethane cracking as well as propane dehydrogenation (PDH). 


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