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A Leader in Advanced Work Packaging


Integrated Project Planning™, or IPP, is a key part of our Managing with Certainty® execution philosophy which allows us to execute engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) activities efficiently and with a high degree of predictability.

IPP is S&B's construction-driven toolset that brings together all interrelated work processes and associated technologies to enable collaborative planning and EPC activities, offering our clients:

  • Improved safety awareness and performance

  • Reduced cost through improved labor productivity

  • Improved overall project predictability for cost and schedule 

  • Improved installation quality

We believe that most EPC project execution difficulties result directly from a lack of proper planning. Effective planning is crucial to consistently achieving successful construction field operations, which is why we follow the Plan the Work, Work the Plan philosophy. During the front-end planning and detailed engineering phases, IPP draws on the extensive construction expertise of our team members to develop a project execution plan that takes into consideration optimum construction means, methods and sequencing. 

The IPP process also relies on the proven concept of work packaging to drive field productivity. S&B has developed a proprietary IPP database management tool to create installation work packages for all crafts. The project is divided into identifiable, manageable pieces by work area, model area, craft and work type such that engineering and procurement is accomplished to support the construction plan. 

Once a well-defined project plan is established, the IPP process continues to drive the project through the entire EPC lifecycle, from early design activities through to delivery of materials to the site, construction activities to achieve mechanical completion and ultimately the commissioning and start-up of the facility, on or ahead of schedule. 

The construction-driven concepts that IPP is based on have been in place at S&B since our inception in 1967. The integrated toolset was developed decades ago, and we continue to improve on it today. 

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