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Build It Right the First Time®


Since 1967, S&B has employed the Build It Right the First Time® philosophy to design and construct America’s energy and petrochemical manufacturing infrastructure safely, on time and within budget. 

We are one of the leading US-based contractors, providing our clients true in-house engineering, procurement and direct-hire construction services.

As Dr. Brookshire, co-founder of S&B, often reminded us, “Bad news has no shelf life.” Guided by these wise words, our goal for the last five decades has always been to deliver EPC projects that surpass our clients’ expectations. 

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Along the way, we have developed some of the best project execution tools and processes in the EPC industry, including:

Of course, even the best tools and processes in the industry are worthless without the right people to use them. This is why for decades we have focused on developing a company culture which not only attracts the best and brightest, but also provides an environment where they can achieve their greatest success. 

A few aspects of our unique culture include:

As a result, our projects are executed by team members who are familiar with our tools and processes, and who have worked together successfully on many previous assignments. 

Not only do we not want to let down our clients, we don’t want to disappoint our fellow S&B family members! 

Perhaps this is why our clients trust us time and again to build their most important projects. When a project absolutely, positively must be delivered on time and within budget, clients turn to S&B.

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