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Managing with Certaint in Uncertain Times



The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly evolved, and so has S&B.

We have implemented new policies and procedures to protect our people and strengthen our operating position to better serve our clients. S&B moved quickly to develop plans and take the necessary actions that give us the financial and operating flexibility essential to prepare for the road ahead.


While the next several months hold a great deal of uncertainty, S&B is taking the right steps to support our clients' projects and to protect our employees. With our Managing with Certainty philosophy front and center, we will weather the storm and emerge stronger.


Use the button below to learn more about the specific actions we are taking to keep us all safe and mitigate the impacts of COVID-19.


COVID-19 has impacted the way we all work. Our home office employees have transitioned to remote operations, but we cannot construct our projects from home. 

S&B is proud to recognize the project teams that quickly adjusted to the new policies and procedures to ensure work continues and the job gets done safely. 

We know that going to work looks different right now. Wherever you are working from, we are glad that you are part of the S&B family.

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